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                               Poland, 63-700 Krotoszyn, Koźmińska 105             +48 627 252 326              biuro@izak-transport.pl

Our Offer

The offer is directed to companies that in their business need fast and safe transport services in the transport of goods of various weights and sizes.

All semi-trailers have customs lines, tight tarpaulins, fastening belts, non-slip mats and corners. all trucks are regularly serviced. All transports are covered by the Carrier's OCP insurance. We guarantee a high standard of services through

  • timeliness and quality of deliveries,
  • diverse trucks,
  • a wide range of services,
  • adaptation of services to individual clients,
  • constant GPS, GSM monitoring.

In addition, we offer vehicle truck mechanics services.


The company has vehicles such as:

  • standard XL trailers
  • small-ton trucks
  • low-bed semi-trailers

 Standard XL trailers

  • possibility of loading: side, top and back 
  • load capacity: 25t 

      Small-ton truck 

  • possibility of loading: side, top and back 
  • load capacity: 5t
  • equipped with a unloading platform enabling independent unloading by the driver  

Low-bed semi-trailers


  • load capasity: 30t
  • ideal for transporting truck tractors, agricultural machinery, construction machinery and industrial equipment  
  • permits for oversized transport in Poland and Europe  

We have a hall in whitch we provide warehausing and reloading services. 



ul. Koźmińska 105

63-700 Krotoszyn, Poland


Phone / Fax:

tel. +48 627 252 326

fax: +48 603 878 348 





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